Cape Clean Services

Cape Clean is an ISO Certified company. Discover Cape Clean Services Tailored To Your Needs

With Cape Clean you benefit from an integrated offer adapted to your needs. Cape Clean Facility Management activities can mobilize all resources (Facility Management, Cleaning and cleanliness, Technical Maintenance, Reception and hospitality, Landscaping, Security and safety, Others) in order to propose relevant and tailored solutions. You benefit from a single point of contact which controls and secures all the business expertise and their many technological and regulatory specificities.

Facility Management

We provide Maintenance; Waste; Pest control; Space management as this can be tailored to the needs of our customers needs

Façade & Window Cleaning

We provide Façade and Window cleaning services via Rope Access

Technical Maintenance

We provide both building maintenance services such as Carpentry; Masonry; Floor tile; Painting and technical maintenance services such Heating, ventilation and climate engineering(HVAC); CVC, strong and weak currents; Management of fluid networks

Safety & Security

We provide safety security services such Security and surveillance within offices, industrial environments, supermarkets, retail, Corporate Security filtering; Security at sensitive compounds; Patrolling and intervention services; Guarding, filtering services; Manning central security stations

Reception & Hospitality

We provide Reception and hospitality services such as Reception desk; Events hospitality; Animation and promotion of sales


We also provide Landscaping services such Care of trees; Tree pruning; Slaughter & stump removal; Fertilization and plant Treatment.