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Cape Clean is an ISO Certified company. Discover Cape Clean Services Tailored To Your Needs

With Cape Clean you benefit from an integrated offer adapted to your needs. Cape Clean Facility Management activities can mobilize all resources (Facility Management, Cleaning and Technical Maintenance, Reception and hospitality, Landscaping, Security and safety, Others) in order to propose relevant and tailored solutions. You benefit from a single point of contact which controls and secures all the business expertise and their many technological and regulatory specificities.

Facility Management

We provide Maintenance; Waste; Pest control; Space management as this can be tailored to the needs of our customers needs

Façade & Window Cleaning

We provide Façade and Window cleaning services via Rope Access

Technical Maintenance

We provide both building maintenance services such as Carpentry; Masonry; Floor tile; Painting and technical maintenance services such Heating, ventilation and climate engineering(HVAC); CVC, strong and weak currents; Management of fluid networks

Safety & Security

We provide safety security services such Security and surveillance within offices, industrial environments, supermarkets, retail, Corporate Security filtering; Security at sensitive compounds; Patrolling and intervention services; Guarding, filtering services; Manning central security stations

Reception & Hospitality

We provide Reception and hospitality services such as Reception desk; Events hospitality; Animation and promotion of sales


We also provide Landscaping services such Care of trees; Tree pruning; Slaughter & stump removal; Fertilization and plant Treatment.


Façade & Window Cleaning

  • Cleaning of facade glass / separation glass / internal glass walls / metal structures at in easily accessible places or at height
  • Cleaning atrium / shutters / illuminated signs / sectional doors
  • Cleaning window profiles (inside and outside)
  • Elevation work with trained Rope Access technicians
  • Placing protection nets
  • Ecological methods (osmosis)
  • Best Quality Cleaning Equipment from Unger Europe

With years of experience and expertise in cleaning windows and façade, Cape Clean Pvt. Ltd. can offer you a tailor-made service with safety regulations.

  • Comfort: Scheduling the works / risk analysis carried out by us
  • Value for money: Invoicing for each execution after receipt of a work order
  • Quality: You enjoy a quality service thanks to our innovative techniques, efficient and certified safety equipment’s from Petzl
  • Expertise: Giraffes Industrial Rope Access Trained

Rope Access - Façade & Window Cleaning

Rope access cleaning, high rise cleaning or high-level cleaning is when ropes and abseiling equipment are used to perform professional cleaning services in hard to reach areas. Cape Clean provides rope access cleaning services, performed within the health and safety boundaries and fall protection services. It requires training in the safe practice of abseil cleaning, taking into consideration the needs of the clients, the general public, and the technicians.

If you have a high rise cleaning project that needs undertaking, you can contact Cape Clean to discuss what may be needed to get the job done. This will include a necessary survey of the premises to see exactly what is needed from our team to complete the job safely and thoroughly.

Rope Access Cleaning Services is a method of cleaning at height that has been developed over a 25 year period. It is also used in construction and is known as a safer, less intrusive method of high-level work.

Scaffolding requires time and is costly to install and takes up a larger working space and area. Ladders involve more risk, and extension poles can’t always reach all the necessary places to give the same level of cleaning required.

Allowing access to our team with our high-level cleaning solutions, to even the most difficult of areas, means that a job won’t be left half done, therefore making it more obvious when dirt, grime or carbon build up is left undisturbed and untouched.

Our Service Delivery Principles

Cape Clean provides Window & Façade cleaning services for your establishment with proper guidelines & safety standards

  • Service with Quality & Statutory Requirements
    Delivering every service with quality while complying with all statutory requirements.
  • Service on Time
    Facade cleaning support that is on time, diligent, neat and friendly
  • Service with Assurance
    All employees covered with Commercial liability, Workmen compensation and Accident Insurances
  • Service with Safety
    A Rope Access company that pass stringent safety audits with flying colors with International standards safety equipment.

Rope Access Service Process

From the start of every job to the end, our team will be with you to help you understand the process and get you the best results.

Each one of our jobs begins with an inspection and analysis of the work site.
Using specialized flexible rope access methods we can easily scope out the building, identifying hazards, damage, and where the work needs to be done.

From here, we create a detailed report which outlines work that is required. We then organize a time to complete the job according to your schedule. We understand how important time is, and make it our priority to arrive and finish on time.

Finally, we complete the work, finishing everything that needs doing efficiently and professionally.

Curious On How Effective Our Services Are?

All our Clients are the Testimonials of Our Unmatched Work.

about us

About Us


Throughout the Indian sub-continent we help our customers with window and façade cleaning. In easily accessible places or at 100 meters height. In addition to a flawless and punctual service, our safety approach is a priority. Our technicians have specific training to work safely and professionally under all circumstances: aerial worker, outdoor lift, mountaineering, …

Our customers: schools, shopping malls, office buildings, luxury hotels. We clean both outside and inside. We also give façades and windows a new look.

   … and Safe

Safety is our number one priority. Our Rope Access technicians have followed and successfully completed the Giraffes Industrial Rope Access Systems training. Of course, we master both traditional techniques and glass cleaning with osmosis technology. We can also take care of the repair or the maintenance of your suspended platforms and other equipment of work at height.

Cape Clean Team At Work

Cape Clean Pvt Ltd

Cape Clean are high access specialists with a passion for perfection offering rope access industrial abseiling, scissor lift operators and fall protection systems for building maintenance projects across India.

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