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With Cape Clean you benefit from an integrated offer adapted to your needs. Cape Clean Facility Management activities can mobilize all resources (Facility Management, Cleaning and cleanliness, Technical Maintenance, Reception and hospitality, Landscaping, Security and safety, Others) in order to propose relevant and tailored solutions. You benefit from a single point of contact which controls and secures all the business expertise and their many technological and regulatory specificities.

Facility Management

We provide Maintenance; Waste; Pest control; Space management as this can be tailored to the needs of our customers needs

Façade & Window Cleaning

We provide Façade and Window cleaning services via Rope Access

Technical Maintenance

We provide both building maintenance services such as Carpentry; Masonry; Floor tile; Painting and technical maintenance services such Heating, ventilation and climate engineering(HVAC); CVC, strong and weak currents; Management of fluid networks

Safety & Security

We provide safety security services such Security and surveillance within offices, industrial environments, supermarkets, retail, Corporate Security filtering; Security at sensitive compounds; Patrolling and intervention services; Guarding, filtering services; Manning central security stations

Reception & Hospitality

We provide Reception and hospitality services such as Reception desk; Events hospitality; Animation and promotion of sales


We also provide Landscaping services such Care of trees; Tree pruning; Slaughter & stump removal; Fertilization and plant Treatment.

Cape Clean Business Support Services

Cape Clean is a well-known manpower supplier in the hospitality industry. Our hospitality recruitment services includes the recruitment of potential staffs for various key support positions. With our experience we understand exactly the different types of hospitality industry job requirements.

Cape Clean BSS

Hotel & Resort Staffs

Hotel & resort are large areas in hospitality industry that require diversity in employees. Cape Clean supplies manpower for following positions:

  • Front desk supervisor
  • Housekeeping Staff & Laundry
  • Maintenance
  • Security Guards
  • Bellboys
  • Concierge
  • Landscape Gardener
  • Massage Therapist
  • Fitness Attendant
  • Nail Technician

Restaurant & Bar Staffs

Restaurant & bar are important factors in hospitality industry where it requires high dynamic and creativity in staffs. Cape Clean supplies both skilled and un-skilled candidates with qualification and discipline.

  • Baker, Cook
  • Waiter/ Waitress
  • Bus Person
  • Bartender
  • Gate Attendant
  • Security staff
  • Manager
  • Stewart
  • Cleaner

Rope Access Services

No matter the size or difficulty of the project, Cape Clean can get the job done with outstanding results. We offer professional rope access services, working on high-rise buildings, apartments, hard to access areas and other sites. With years of experience and a focus on delivering professional results, you can trust the team at Cape Clean.

Sign Board Installation Services

Whether for old or new signage, our capable building signage crews can be relied on to restore and refurbish building signage adequately and in a timely manner, leaving buildings looking new and compelling.

Facade Glass replacement Services

The technique of glass replacement is to accomplish the job swiftly, smoothly and safely. The replacement glass is always of the same size and thickness of the original piece unless there are any major design changes involved. Most glass pieces are heavy and therefore require physical strength to handle. Safety precautions are essential when handling glass and accurate alignment is mandatory. Glass can be replaced from any place of original installation including partitions, cubicles, windows, display panels, mirrors and more.

Industrial Factory Roof Truss Cobweb Cleaning Services

Cobwebs and pest make the environs untidy and give health issues to the employees in the company. They may even make ingress into machinery and products manufactured and hinder their efficiency. Accumulated cobweb diminishes not just the lighting of the work area but also your organizational reputation among your visiting dignitaries. Cobwebs predominantly accumulate at heights.

capeclean rope

High Rise Industrial Factory Chimney Painting & Cleaning Services

We have highly experienced and skilled employees to complete jobs of any height. We have expertise in Rope Access technique and are equipped with all necessary equipment, Manpower, Certificates, Insurance, tools and tackles to carry out the job. We provide quality services for chimney painting and cleaning. We are leaders in the provision of alternative access and safe working-at-height solutions. Our innovative rope access methods enable us to deliver many cost-effective solutions to our clients that minimize or eliminate downtime and have quick turnaround.

Aluminium Cladding Restoration & Maintenance

Aluminum cladding can often fade or lose colour. By using Cape Clean professional services and approved restoration techniques, after cleaning thoroughly, the color can be restored to look like new. Our rope access teams carry out this work where scaffold is not practical like Structural glass, Aluminum composite panel, Aluminum louver and etc.

Honeycomb Removal Services

Honey bee removal from structures is not a job for a person who has never worked around stinging insects or even a novice beekeeper. Sometimes, this work is done while standing on a ladder with hundreds of angry bees trying to protect their home. Bee removal can be unnerving to even the experienced beekeeper and lead to accidents.

silicon sealing

Commercial Glass Scratch Repair Services

Get unbelievable glass scratch Repair Services from our team of experts.
Glass scratches can be repaired and smoothed by our experts for clear visibility – usually hard glass slabs are laid on floors which become scratched with age. We provide the repair service to smoothen out the scratches.

Waterproofing Building Exteriors, Joint Sealing, Sealant and Caulking Repairs

Choose us for waterproofing building exteriors, joint sealing, sealant and caulking repairs. We also provide abseiling window cleaning, facade repairs, high rise painting and other kinds of services. We pride ourselves on delivering fantastic services based around safety, efficiency and excellent results.

High Rise Painting

When painting or restoring high rise buildings, rope access is easily the leading solution. As well as being far more efficient and more effective than other high rise access methods, it’s also safer, and can result in a higher quality overall result. At Cape Clean we specialise in high rise painting using rope access. With advanced training behind us and a passion for outstanding results, our technicians can access and paint almost any building.

Rope Access Service Process

From the start of every job to the end, our team will be with you to help you understand the process and get you the best results.

Each one of our jobs begins with an inspection and analysis of the work site. Using specialised flexible rope access methods we can easily scope out the building, identifying hazards, damage, and where the work needs to be done.

From here, we create a detailed report which outlines work that is required. We then organise a time to complete the job according to your schedule. We understand how important time is, and make it our priority to arrive and finish on time.

Finally, we complete the work, finishing everything that needs doing efficiently and professionally.

While most birds in their natural environment are perfectly harmless, birds can host more than 60 transmittable diseases, including salmonellosis, encephalitis and cryptococcosis. Besides posing potential danger to people’s health, they can also put your business at risk. The key in getting rid of bird infestation is early detection and effective bird deterrent methods by an expert pest controller.

At Cape Clean, we offer effective and humane bird control solutions for business to ensure complete control of your infestation. 

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