Many of the bird species in India are good to have around, thanks to their attractive plumage and mesmerizing bird song. However, when a large number of birds flock together in a roosting site, it can lead to serious consequences such as: 

  • Contamination of raw materials and finished goods, causing revenue losses. 
  • Birds can cause property damage by dislodging roof tiles, blocking guttering system with their nests and leaving droppings that corrode building material. 
  • Safety risks to employees and customers – slippery bird droppings may cause slip and fall accidents. 
  • Suspension of business and audit failures due to poor hygiene sighted during inspection. 
  • Food contamination that may lead to business closure/ suspension by public health authorities. 
  • Negative impact on business image and reputation. 
  • Awful sight of bird droppings can discourage potential customer from patronising. 
  • Bird droppings may fall on customers, resulting in negative reviews from the bad experience and potentially complaints. 
  • Birds can become aggressive and attack the employees or customers, especially during their breeding season when they are defending their young. 

FACT: One of the reasons why pigeons flock together in large numbers is to protect themselves against predators, such as cats, rats and dogs.

Bird Control Solutions

While most birds in their natural environment are perfectly harmless, birds can host more than 60 transmittable diseases, including salmonellosis, encephalitis and cryptococcosis. Besides posing potential danger to people’s health, they can also put your business at risk. The key in getting rid of bird infestation is early detection and effective bird deterrent methods by an expert pest controller.

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Bird Wax

Common Bird Species in India

Pigeons and other nuisance birds are capable of transmitting a wide range of diseases and can be a source of secondary infestation by pests such as lice, mites and flies. Learn more below about common types of pest birds found across the country.


(Columba livia)

Also known as common pigeons, they are derived from domesticated pigeons that return to the wild.

They thrive in an urban environment and only require the smallest amount of shelter on buildings.

House Sparrow

(Passer domesticus)

The House sparrow is a significant pest to the food industry because of the risk of contamination from their droppings and the damage done to packaged goods.


(Sturnus spp.)When Starlings are in its flocking phase, thousands of birds are often seem overwhelming buildings and trees.


House Crow

(Corvus splendens)

The Crow is one of the most common pest birds in India.

These birds can overwhelm trees, creating a lot of noise and harassing people and animals in the vicinity which can be a nuisance to the suburban resident.


How to Keep Pest Birds Away from Your Business Premises

The best method to keep birds away for good is to remove their food sources, however in busy urban areas this is not always a practical solution. If birds are causing a nuisance at your business premises there are a number of tactics that you can try:

  • Remove any access to nesting sites (for instance by putting barriers over window ledges) can be an effective bird deterrent.
  • Keep any possible food sources well hidden.
  • Make sure bin lids are secure and trash bags are not left in the open — birds like crows have sharp beaks that will make short work of trash bags.

Professional bird removal and deterrent services are critical for businesses to effectively remove pest birds, avoid property damage and reduce the health risks associated with the presence of pest birds. Pigeons and crows are among the worst culprits in India and bird removal is made difficult by a number of factors:

  • Pigeons are unafraid of people and highly adaptable to the urban and modern environment.
  • Pigeons can breed all year long when they found an ideal nesting site. 
  • Crows are among the most intelligent birds in the world. 
  • Pest birds have an inbred homing instinct that causes them to feel attached to a particular site.

FACT: Pigeons are one of the most intelligent birds and are able to undertake tasks previously thought only humans can perform. 

Besides noticing more and more bird nests around your property, look for other common signs of an infestation before the issue worsens. If you are worried about birds in your business premises or your bird problem is more than you can handle, contact us at +91-9606822781 to learn more about our effective bird deterrent solutions for your property.

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